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Mac's Angel

be my buddy
Shih Tzu
Born: 12/24/2008
14 lbs

Homeward Bound. Happily living in Chicago, IL

Mac's Angel is named after the wonderful man who rescued her on Christmas Eve of 2013. Mac received a call from a woman in town who said that she had spotted a dog sitting alone on the road, apparently freezing to death. Mac ran to get Angel, swooped her up and brought her back to HUA. She was a solid mess of hair clumps with icicles hanging, and her feet were chunks of ice. She had fur stuck frozen into her eyes. Angel was in terrible shape and too cold and too tired to do anything more than collapse in the warm blankets and go to sleep. When Mac's Angel finally awoke and got some good food into her belly, she wondered where in the world she was. Something bad has happened to this precious girl because she does get fearful when she doesn't know what is going on. She has come to love the routine and the other dogs here. She likes to run the perimeter of the yard and we are now seeing comfort where before there was only fear. She has become more laid back and is a smart little one, putting full faith in the people she knows. Angel deserves to know the love and comfort of a good home. She is a sweet, good little girl who will always be grateful for anything that is given to her.
Buddy Messages (2)
Her Buddies, the Mancini's, from Wethersfield, Connecticut, sent her this message: "My husband called me into the room to look at a picture. He showed me Mac's Angel and I said when did I take that picture? Our beloved Shitzu was put to sleep yesterday and we had said we wanted to look for a picture for the Rainbow Bridge. Although, our RJ was a male, Angel looks exactly like him. Our jaws dropped. If we could come to Nebraska and adopt this little precious one, we would in a minute. We felt it was a sign that our RJ is okay. And my sister who he loved more than life was born on Christmas Eve and was with us yesterday. Yes Angel we will be your buddy all the way from Connecticut. The Mancini's are rooting for you!!!" Mac's Angel sends many happy, grateful hugs and kisses to the Mancini family including precious RJ over the Bridge.
Her Buddy, Diane Baker, from Iowa City, IA, sent her this message: "Sweet Angel, your eyes show that you have had a pretty rough life, but you now have only good things ahead of you. You are such a beautiful girl, and I'd love to be your buddy until your very kind and gentle forever family finds you!" Angel sends Diane several tiny kisses and many happy tail wags!

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