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Shih Tzu
9 lbs
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Michi has had his share of issues, but yet still, nothing seems to get him down. He was in a Kansas puppy mill for his first 8 years on earth. He has but one lonely tooth left in his mouth. He has had more painful problems with both of his eyes than anyone should ever have to endure. Michi experienced some sort of trauma to his eyes at the mill, which resulted in corneal scarring and ulcerations. An eye specialist in Omaha came to his rescue and fixed him as best he could. His one iris remains prolapsed but he feels so much better. If you've ever had a painful, irritating eyelash in your eye, you can imagine the agony Michi was in. Nonetheless, he is a delightful little boy. He is affectionate and fun and happy and all the things a dog should be. He likes the company of his dog buddies. He had the best time at his foster home while he was recovering from his eye surgery and loved having a place of his own. Michi Boy needs and deserves his own home with his own people and a special spot on the sofa.
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