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be my buddy
Shih Tzu
Born: 08/24/2003
12 lbs

As with so very many of our precious residents, Vallis came to us from a puppy mill that housed the dogs outside in all types of weather. Sometimes we shake our heads in disbelief at the ones who make it in alive. Vallis is a survivor. He made it for over 6 years in a wire cage either smoldering or freezing. He's shy. He has trust issues. Can you blame him? We are spending a lot of time with Vallis. We speak softly to him. We pet him gently. We coax him with treats. He'll come around, sooner rather than later. We know this because we've seen it time and time again. What will help Vallis become the lively boy he is meant to be is a loving and patient person who can give him the time and attention he needs. He is already warming up to his caregivers and loves them very much, rolls over for tummy rubs and is happy to see them. He is still very wary of strangers though.
Buddy Messages (2)
His Buddy, Margaret Majors, from Ft. Atkinson, WI, sent him this message: "My dear, sweet Vallis, I am so sorry for all you have suffered in your life prior to being saved by the good people at HUA! I hope you are soaking up all the love and attention there and know that there are many of us around the world who are sending you love from afar, as well. I'm pleased to be your buddy until your lucky forever family takes you home for good! Hugs and kisses, Margaret (and Josie and Gabby)" Vallis sends Margaret many very sweet kisses and sends Josie and Gabby lots of playful tail wags!
His Buddy, Linda Cvilikas, from Papillion, Nebraska, sent him this message: "Dear Sweet Vallis, I wish I could bring you home and show you the love you've missed most of your life. You are so adorable that I know someone will take you home soon. Hugs and Kisses!" Vallis sends Linda many happy, grateful hugs and kisses.

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Hearts United for Animals is a national no-kill shelter, sanctuary and animal welfare organization. Hearts United for Animals does long distance adoptions if there are safe flights and we have volunteers in the area to do a home visit. We require an application, references and a home visit to adopt one of our dogs. Our dogs are all spayed or neutered and are current on health care. We can cat test a dog if requested. If you are interested in adopting a dog, we can give you more information on each dog if you click the Adoption Info & Application link above. Buddies are people who support the dog and send them love while they are waiting for their new home. The dog does not live with the buddy.