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Cicely Featured

Cocker Spaniel
25 lbs
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Cicely was rescued from a puppy mill in Nebraska. She is still a bit wary of people but is warming up and enjoying her new surroundings. She loves all of her dog friends, her warm blankets and good food. Cicely is particularly fond of Nedda and follows her everywhere. She will sometimes venture off to explore and then nestle on a blanket with one of the volunteers. Then it becomes a game between her and Nedda to see who can get closest to their person. It is quite a cute game and we love to see the girls vying for attention. Cicely lived in pain for many years with a horrible mouth infection and an inguinal hernia. She lost 10 teeth at her first vet visit and had the hernia repaired. We are happy to report that she is in fine shape now and just waiting for the right person to come along and fall in love.
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