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Standard Poodle
48 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Colorado.

McCartney and Lennon are the last two of our rock stars to be rescued from Julia Hudson's horrendous puppy mill. They were in worse condition than the others, which astounded and disgusted us. Each was determined to have a body score of 1. McCartney was bleeding from the ears due to injury and infection. We could not have been more relieved to welcome them and get them the medical attention they needed, and to give them the love they craved. McCartney is such a gentleman, very regal and kind and calm. He has enjoyed learning to walk on a leash and has become quite playful. He loves being here and delights in the company of the other dogs and all of the people who come to visit him. He is thrilled with his giant, comfortable bed and the super tasty treats from his caregivers. He is thankful for every little thing, and we are thankful that he is finally here with us, safe and warm and loved. McCartney is ready for his new adventure. We have told him all about that thing called "home," and the look in his eyes tells us that he is curious and excited to begin the rest of this wonderful new life.
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