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Cricket Featured

Heeler Terrier Mix
28 lbs
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Cricket was found as a stray wandering the streets of a small town in Nebraska. Although the people who found her fell in love with her, they were not able to keep her and with sad hearts brought her to HUA. Cricket is a super girl. She is playful and happy and bright. She has discovered the wonder and delight of the squeaky toy and presents them to us as if they are cherished prizes. She likes people very much and gets extremely wiggly when she sees a potential playmate coming to visit. Cricket would love a family who will teach her good tricks, take her along on fun outings, toss tennis balls and toys, and give her all of the love a dog can possibly want. We expect that she will blend into about any home situation easily and happily with little transition time. She is an exceptionally beautiful gal with all the qualities of a mighty fine furry family friend.
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