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Mickey Featured

Vizlsla/Golden Retriever Mix
85 lbs
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We recently received an e-mail from a family in a nearby town. Their two dogs had puppies and there were three that they were unable to sell. We told them we would welcome the puppies, get them altered, and put them up for adoption. However, we also wanted to help the family get their two dogs altered so this situation would not repeat itself. The family agreed to it.

The puppies are said to be some sort of Vizsla/Golden Retriever mix. The one thing we know for sure is that they'll be pretty big once full grown All three of the littermates are already around 40 pounds with Mickey being the biggest. Mickey is goofy and clumsy and silly and all things puppy. Everything is fun and new to him. He is a clean slate, innocent and unafraid, just as all puppies deserve to be. Laughter will be constant with him as part of the family.
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