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10 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Massachusetts.

Well, honestly, have you ever seen a prettier hot dog? Couldn't you just slap her on a bun and eat her right up? Addie came from a puppy mill in Missouri with several friends who are now living the good life here at the shelter. Besides being the most gorgeous little bit, she is charming, sweet, nice to everyone and everything. She has quickly learned to do things that please us and that are to her benefit. She is smart as a whip and willing to behave nicely in all situations so that people will think she is aces. She gives free kisses, snuggles in for warmth, adores her warm bed and is as affable as a dog can be. Addie has never lived in a home. She has no idea what a family is. Yet she is the nicest little creature on the planet. Imagine what you can do for her. Imagine watching her gaze around with wonder at her own fenced yard where can she roam and sniff as she pleases. Imagine her burrowing in her very own bed under a soft blanket. Imagine her appreciating and savoring a fine, nutritious dinner rather than gulping it down for fear that the next meal may be days away. Just imagine the difference you can make..
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