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Wire Haired Dachshund
8 lbs
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Homeward Bound - Adopted!

Now happily living in Newport News, Virginia

On January 29, 2014, HUA rescued 45 dogs from a puppy mill in South Dakota. Some of the dogs went to other groups and the majority of them (about 30) came to HUA. HUA has been working with this particular mill on downsizing and we are pleased to announce that this mill is now shut down!

Because of these collaborative efforts, another 45 dogs are now free. Of the group, only 3 of them are males. All others are females. Puppies were also released. A few three-month-old Japanese Chin pups and four six-week-old pups are in the group. What does all this mean? Female dogs are not needed at the mill for breeding because puppies aren't selling. Efforts in educating the public are working and we must continue to let people know about puppy mills and their connection to pet stores, newspaper ads, internet ads, etc.

Akaska is one of our Dakota Darlings. She is precious in every way. When we met her the second thing we noticed was that she is missing a leg. The FIRST thing we noticed, of course, was how gorgeous and petite she is. The breeder told us Akaska was born without the leg and that no injury had come to her. We're not sure we buy that story, but Akaska doesn't mind being a three-legged pup one bit. She is spunky and sweet and runs like the wind. She gives the other little dogs a run for their money and has fabulous days zooming around the yard. Akaska loves people so much that she really did not want to sit still for her photo session. What she wanted was the photographer's lap and insisted on belly-crawling toward the camera so she could score some love. She is a special, sweet, unassuming little girl who deserves the very best for the rest of her life.
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