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Cocker Spaniel
24 lbs
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Homeward Bound - Adopted!

Now living happily in Des Moines, Iowa

Akron came from a horrific puppy mill in Nebraska that produced some of the most frightened dogs we have ever seen. Whatever went on there was really bad, and it has not been an easy road convincing these beautiful animals that they are now safe and loved. Akron has learned that running around the big, fun yard is just about the closet thing to Heaven. After years of being confined to a tiny wire cage, this little man cannot get over the sweet feeling of freedom. It seems as though he has also come to realize that it is kind people that are providing him this wondrous pleasure and Akron has finally begun to approach us for affection. We are allowed to hold him in our laps and stroke his lovely, feathery hair. And he likes it! He will need to continue his trust training with his new family, but he is ready now for a real home and we think he understands that there are only wondrous things in his bright future.
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