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Cocker Spaniel
18 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Elkhorn, Nebraska.

This poor, sweet darling came out of a puppy mill in Nebraska that was breeding Cockers at break neck speeds. The abuse and neglect these precious creatures suffered at the hands of the millers was excruciating. Arista arrived at HUA with two cherry eyes, luxating patellas and some urinary tract issues. Our vet has taken care of her physical ailments, and we are trying to take care of her broken spirit. She has pepped up a bit after being at the shelter for a while and is starting to really enjoy her recess time and the other dogs. As she becomes more comfortable with people around her, we are starting to see her silliness emerge. In the morning, Arista will go outside for her bathroom break, then bark at us until we feed her. One would think this is nothing monumental, but for a mill dog who was terrified of humans not so long ago, it is a sure sign that she is coming around to being a normal dog.
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