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Ava Houla

Catahoula Mix
52 lbs
Ava Houla
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Omaha, Nebraska.

Ava Houla was found as a stray and brought to an animal shelter in Missouri. She did not like that place one bit and was sad and miserable living in confinement. To make matters worse, Ava's microchip was scanned her people were located, but they never showed up to bring her home. It is perplexing, because there is not one thing wrong with this beauty. She is young and energetic and so sweet. She is a wonder to the eyes as she gallops across the yard and her expression of sheer joy is just magnificant. She is inquisitive and intelligent and longs to be taught all sorts of great tricks. She adores people and seeks out attention, wanting to always please everyone. Ava Houla would like to live in an active, fun-loving household where she will a cherished and important part of the family.
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