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135 lbs
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Homeward Bound!

Now living happily in Nebraska

This very sweet, incredibly special Newfie girl is so happy to greet the people she knows. Every time she dances, smiles, kisses. Barley had some bad times earlier in her life, maybe went hungry at times, had fly bitten ears, and not enough attention given to her. Just when things began to look up for Barley, one of her back legs stopped working well. It was because of a torn cruciate ligament. Then in no time at all, the other back leg had the same thing. A girl this size with two legs not working is a big problem, but Barley toughed it out through both surgeries and some long recovery times. She was an angel through it all and many people fell head over heels in love with her. Now she's as good as new and ready to go to some lucky family. Barley is a little questionable in her attitude toward other dogs. She may be okay, but she spent her early life as a single dog, and she may be fearful or just too anxious to play. She did quite well with small dogs while she was recuperating and the vet techs had great stories about Barley sprawled out in the middle of the room with little dogs crawling all over her. However, she has had a rough time with other small dogs in the past and we do not have enough information as to why. Additional training and lots of love will do a lot for our darling girl.
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