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9 lbs
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Homeward Bound - Adopted!!

Beau was rescued from a puppy mill where his life must have been literal torture. He is completely horrifed by human beings. When we took him out of the van on the day he arrived tears streamed down his face as he was picked up and held. He shook like a leaf and the look in his eyes told that he thought he was going to be seriously harmed. For the first several weeks at HUA he would spontaneously defacate when touched. Our biggest progress with Beau is that he no longer does this when touched by his daily caregiver. It's our sign that although he certainly doesn't adore humans just yet, he is no longer in a complete physical terror panic around those he knows well. Beau still huddles in a corner and observes all that goes on very carefully. Like so many mill dogs we've cared for we think it will just take time for Beau to really believe that things can be good for him. It could take many, many months to reach him and he will likely always carry his emotional scars. We are here for this precious little soul no matter what and are dedicated to healing his shattered spirit. Beau is a male Chihuahua. He was born in 2006 and weighs 9 pounds.
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