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Lhasa Apso Mix
32 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living in Massachusetts.

One look at this darling face and we were done for. The local pound called us about Bentley, who was running on the streets and brought in by the nice person who saved him. His owners were never located, and the people at the pound knew that he must be given a chance for a good life. Bentley is an all-around great guy. He must have been with a family who loved him, because he has all the nice manners of dog who is accustomed to attention. He loves walking on the leash, he just adores all the people he meets, and he has excellent house manners. We're sad that this smart little guy turned up in the pound, but happy knowing that soon we will find him a great new home. Bentley likes most of the other dogs here, but there are a few that he prefers not to hang out with. There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason behind his preferences; he just sort of likes who he likes. It would be a good idea for Bentley to meet any future fur siblings at HUA before going home for good. As for humans - well, he can and will charm his way into anybody's heart just as he has done with the staff and volunteers here at the shelter.
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