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Betsy Featured

Shih Tzu
8 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Just about everyone who lays eyes on this teeny little girl says "OH! Is she a puppy???" No, she is not, but she IS about the cutest little thing ever. Betsy came from a run-down puppy mill in Iowa. Initially, she was absolutely terrified of people. One can only imagine the cruelty she suffered and the pain she endured. She had no trust for us at all. Slowly and carefully, Betsy has begun to turn the corner. She is still shy, but she is so sweet and we know she wants very much to do all the fun stuff the other dogs are doing. She does join in the fun now and then, but she keeps a wary on the humans for any false moves. We hope she can someday forget that she ever had any reason to do so. Nevertheless, Betsy will let us cuddle up with her now and she is learning to relax and enjoy it. We'd love to see her join her new family sooner rather than later, where she will more quickly be able to open up and be herself. Maybe there IS some puppy left in her after all. It will be a sweet day when that sunny self we all know is in there shines through with a happy smile saved just for her very own family.
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