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Bo Charles

18 lbs
Bo Charles
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Papillion, Nebraska.

Please do not panic! Bo Charles was NOT stolen from the White House lawn. He is where he belongs, but only for now. Bo had a family but was surrendered because they claimed he was having troubles with his potty training. We have found that this is most defintely not the case. To the contrary, Bo Charles is completely house trained and waits patiently until it is his turn to go outside. He never hikes his leg or tries to mark anything, either indoors or outdoors. We have seen a tiny bit of nervous piddling when he gets over-excited, but he seems to be overcoming that. He is a total charmer. He loves people and follows his caregivers all over the place, just dying to be part of the action. When he wants a pat on the head or a scratch behind the ears, he very gently and politely places his paws on our legs. He does not jump or nudge. Bo Charles keeps his space neat and clean and invites lots of other dogs over to his place for some good times. He really is just the nicest boy with fine manners and a great big heart.
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