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Border Collie
31 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Despite horrible abuse at the hands of the people who were supposed to love him, our Bo still adores everyone he meets. He is a great dog - super smart, sweet, friendly and obedient. In his previous home, Bo was forced to wear a shock collar to keep him from herding, a instinct that is deeply imbedded in him. He was shocked so often he would drop to the ground from the pain of it. When the people got bored with this method, they locked Bo in a very small outdoor pen where he was simply forgotten about. Concerned neighbors brought him food and water to keep him alive. The day he was rescued marked a new beginning for Bo. He was ecstatic to be rid of that awful life. He has rewarded us by showing us his cool stash of tricks. He can sit, stay, shake, fetch and could learn so much more. He is grateful for every day here, surrounded by love and secure in the knowledge that we will do whatever we can to find him his fantastic forever home.
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