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9 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Florida.

Brooke Poodle is a sweet little thing that was rescued from a puppy mill in Nebraska. However, one would not assume she came from such a place upon meeting her. She is a darling girl, all smiles and wiggles and charm. Because of bad breeding, Brooke has a micro-eye, which is a genetic abnormality that causes the eye to be smaller than normal. She may have total, limited or no vision at all but whatever the case, she is not bothered by it. She gets along just fine and does not need medication. Brooke also lost 10 teeth when she had her dental exam, which may seem like a lot but is nothing compared to other dogs her age who have come from the mills. She still has plenty left to crunch her wonderful food and that makes her very happy. Brooke has that delightful habit of tipping her pretty head to and fro when we speak to her. She is all about listening to good stories. As you can tell from her photos, she is a huge fan of the fanny scratches. She bounces at our feet in anticipation of this activity and actually smiles with glee when we comply with her request. The purchase of a back scratcher may be a wise investment for her family; we are certain Brooke would find it to be the best invention known to dogkind.
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