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16 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Overland Park, Kansas.

Emergency Medical Update: On 9/1/08 (Labor Day), at 4:00 p.m., Charlie was found by the night time recess workers huddled in the corner, shaking in fear and pain, unable to move his back legs. Two hours earlier when the morning crew left and had everyone tucked in for nap time he was just fine. What a horrible shock! Charlie was given pain medication to get him through the night and rushed in for emergency surgery at the University Hospital in Omaha first thing on 9/2/08. He had what the surgeon described as "a very large rupture" of one of his discs. This is somewhat common in Dachshunds because of their long backs. Charlie's operation went well. The doctors are hopeful. They think that Charlie will walk again with crate rest and specialized therapy that we will do for him several times a day at the shelter. What Charlie needs most from you, in no paricular order, is Prayers, and A Good Home, and Money. The Prayers and A Good Home are self explanitory. The Money is for his operation and recovery expenses, which will cost about $3,000. Charlie is a favorite at the shelter. He is such a happy, sensitive boy, so full of life and love. Anything you can do for Charlie, no matter how large or small, will be appreciated. Just the simple act of forwarding this page to someone who might want to help him or adopt him would mean the world to Charlie. He's already had it hard in life with the loss of his home...we owe it to Charlie to pull together and do everything we can for him now that even more misfortune has come to him. Tonight Charlie is groggy and not understanding what has happened to him...why he has so many stitches in his back, why he is in a strange place, why he has tubes attached to him...but he is being well cared for at the hospital because of our wonderful supporters, each and every one of us, who collectively are Hearts United for Animals. 9/8/08 UPDATE: Charlie came home from the hospital this weekend. See the video of him coming back to HUA and doing his first exercises. He is doing great! Charlie would like you to know that he is resting comfortably with a cushy new bed that was donated for him, many blankets and toys, and he is enjoying his exercises. He loves to burrow under his covers and with his shaved back he must get cold easily as he even flipped his bed over on top of himself. So we are making sure he has plenty of covers. With his pain meds and patch he doesn't seem to be in any pain. Due to your kindness and generosity we have already raised just over $1,000 for Charlie's operation. HUA supporters are the best! The bill was slightly less than expected, a pleasant surprise, so we've got about $1,200 we still need to raise to cover Charlie's surgery expenses. Charlie sends big kisses (a skill he practices regularly as you can see in his videos) to everyone who cares so much about him. It is purely heartwarming and inspiring. 09/18/08 UPDATE: Charlie is
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