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Shiba Inu
7 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Ralston, Nebraska.

Cheetah was left at a vet clinic by a Missouri puppy mill to be euthanized because she has a grade 4 luxating patellas (bad knees). The vet clinic knew it could be easily repaired and couldn't bear to kill this sweet, young, adorable, funny little puppy. HUA agreed to take her in and get her the operation she needs when she is old enough. Cheetah will be having her operation in the next week and will be ready to go to a home once she recovers. The surgeon who will perform the operation is very good and all dogs that he has operated on for this issue have had full recoveries in a short time. Cheetah is the happy little clown of the shelter. She loves to play with toys (she even knows where they are kept and asks to get them out) and loves to play with and snuggle with the humans. She is beyond adorable! Please consider applying now to take Cheetah home so that we can tell her what wonderful things she will have to look forward to after she recovers from her surgery.
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