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Springer/Terrier Mix
24 lbs
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Homeward Bound - Adopted!

Now living happily in Lincoln, Nebraska

We could sit and stare at this gorgeous creature forever. He is so interesting looking, with a huge dose of cute thrown in. Chevy was brought to us by his owner, who became very ill and could no longer care for him. He is still very young and has energy to spare. He is in love with every single human he meets. He makes such a show of greeting us each and every day, as if we'd been gone forever instead of a few hours. Chevy desperately wants to please and you can see it in every bounce of his step. He is deliriously happy at play time and has shown us all sorts of fancy tricks. Although he is a Fetch boy at heart, he wants to learn anything and everything to impress the crowds. Chevy gets along with some dogs, and doesn't with others. We haven't quite figured out how he discriminates, but we're sure he has a method that makes perfect sense to him. It could be that he just does not wish to share the fabulous humans with any other 4-legged creature. He is smart enough to know that toys and treats are supplied by people and therefore, that's where he is going to focus his energy. Chevy is one-of-a-kind and we've assured him that his terrific photos are going to stun the masses. He is feeling quite proud about that.
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