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Shih Tzu
17 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Omaha, Nebraska.

Christine was tossed out and ended up at the pound in a small Nebraska town. Nobody in her family came to claim her to save her from certain death. When we heard about this precious soul, we rushed to pull her before she could be put down. It is difficult to understand that this was Christine's fate, but it was. She is an older girl who most certainly lived in her home for a long time, but we'll just never know the circumstances that led her to the pound. Christine is so good. She suffered through the loss of twenty teeth like a champion, with nary a complaint or bad word. All she wants is to be loved. She does not care much about toys or recess or long walks on the beach. Her dream is to be in a lap or on a bed, curled up cozily and listening to the sounds of comfort. She is polite, loving, patient and sweet to the other animals. It's as if she knows that if she is very, very good, everyone will talk about what a sweetheart she is and she will be found by adoring people who appreciate her charms. Little Christine deserves to be pampered and cherished and we're making it our business to match her up with a person whose heart is as big as her own.
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