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Cindy Lou

30 lbs
Cindy Lou
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Bennington, Nebraska.

You could tell Cindy Lou's story by looking at her photos. She was with a woman who loved her but the woman's boyfriend beat Cindy Lou. The woman took her to the pound in Oklahoma because she said that she was afraid he would beat Cindy Lou to death. Just imagine the horror of her life as a puppy. She was rescued from the pound by the Pryor Animal League. They drove her to HUA because the foster homes could not handle her needs. She has been at HUA for six months and is only now learning to trust. She will play a little and will take food from people now. Every little thing scares her. She will continue to make progress with love. She needs a very special home. Cindy Lou is a beagle. She was born on 2/1/2007 and weighs about 30 pounds.

UPDATE: Cindy Lou has developed glaucoma and had to have one eye removed. She has daily drops for the other eye. She came through her surgery very well and the doctor is hopeful that vision loss can be prevented in her remaining eye.
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