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Shih Poo
15 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Michigan.

Poor Claude arrived at HUA in very, very rough shape. But at least he arrived. He was almost hit by a truck on the highway when a nice passerby stopped to bring him to safety. Claude's entire body was raw and red from both fleas and mange. He also had an awful eye infection. Claude did not even care to be touched because he was in so much discomfort. Once the fleas were gone and the manage and his eye infection started to clear up Claude had a new lease on life. He would happily pitter patter all around, so happy to feel better. He clings to people now, just ever so grateful to be saved and feeling better. He is one happy, cuddly little man who would love to be in a good home with people who will take great care of him always. After these photos were taken Claude had his cherry eye operated on in Omaha and it was a great success. Claude is 100% healed and cleared for take off to a loving home.
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