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10 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Papillion, Nebraska.

That beautiful smile was never seen by the puppy millers that bred Davincia from time she was but a puppy to the day we saved her. She was a beaten down, filthy, matted, pathetic creature with a broken heart and a tired body. Davincia was confused and scared and certainly wondered what in the world was going on when we finally were able to snatch her from a life of sorrow. She, like so many other puppy mill dogs, became our project. We knew we could reach her. We knew we could give her the best care, both physically and emotionally, until she was ready to trust. She worked hard right along with us, trying with all of her might to shed the fear and allow herself to feel joy and tenderness. Now, Davincia wants attention. She seeks it out, as she has realized that ear scratches are excellent things. So are hugs and kisses. And honestly, is there anything more fun than taking a long, peaceful walk in the shade, knowing you have accomplished so very much in such a small amount of time? Davincia is so very proud of herself. She stops to enjoy the breeze in her hair, the smell of the flowers, the sound of whooping barks and hoots of laughter. She is wise beyond her years, and understands that she is going home. She does not quite know exactly what that means, but she does know that it will be a place filled with love, patience, safety and devotion.
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