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Dachshund Mix
11 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Bennett, Nebraska.

Daytona is a sweet, gentle, unassuming soul who is grateful for every kind gesture and whispered word. She was found in a town in Iowa by a nice lady who was out walking her dog. Just as the stroll was ending, the lady noticed a shadow and turned around to see Daytona, shivering and starving, following behind her. The poor darling had been out in the nasty weather for who knows how long, desperately trying to find someone to help her get warm and fill her little belly. Daytona was very thankful to get to the shelter and has been the perfect resident. She is so in need of comfort and love that she dares not do a single wrong thing. During her photo session we realized that the camera, being a totally foreign and strange looking object, was scary to her. But still she posed nicely and let us take her pictures, somehow instinctively knowing it was for her own good. Daytona deserves nothing less than a perfect, safe home where she can rest assured that she will never be left out in the cold to fend for herself again.
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