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6 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Bellevue, Nebraska.

During our big puppy mill rescue in January, the miller snatched a skinny, utterly filthy pup from a crate. The poor thing was so scared and so cold that his shivering was making his teeth rattle. We wrapped him in a soft blanket and got him back to the shelter, where he was immediately put into a warm, soapy tub of water. We bathed him and spoke softly to him and within minutes we could see a little personality emerge. He even let us put him in a sweater to make sure he stayed warm. In fact, he appeared to enjoy his new duds. We named him Dooley. And he is our little shining star. He skips happily down the hallway in front of our office, greeting everyone with wild wiggles and nibbly kisses. He is a big player, loves to be talked to and loves to be cuddled. He has found a good friend in Romeo, our teeny tiny min pin and the two of them just live it up. Dooley is still a puppy and still likes doing puppy things. He is a special boy full of light and love and we cherish him. Dooley has a bit of an odd gait, likely due to an injury at the puppy mill, but he gets around just gives him a cute little skip and bunny hop. He is very happy and is not in pain. The puppy mill initially reported that Dooley was blind. The eye specialist in Omaha says he has no vision impairment and thinks perhaps he ran into things when his injury was fresh because it was painful for him to walk. Often times puppy millers will pick up dogs by the scruff of the neck, or worse yet by one leg dangling them in the air. We've seen it time and again and it would not surprise us if this is what happened to Dooley. Dooley will be going for further evaluation with specialists to see if more can be determined about his injury. If you are interested in adopting Dooley please e-mail and we can keep you posted. We hope that Dooley gets a very special home to help make up for all of the horrible treatment he has had to endure in his life so far.

UPDATE: Dooley had a massive seizure and was diagnosed with a liver shunt (which caused the seizure), as well as bladder stones. He is not strong enough for surgery yet but with medication and a special diet he will be ready for surgery in a few weeks. Applications for adoption are still welcome, however Dooley won't be able to go home until he fully recovers from his liver and bladder surgeries. Donations for his care are needed as his total medical bills will be around $3,300. Read more about Dooley's condition on our April blog post
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