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Shih Tzu
15 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Lincoln, Nebraska.

You may think Doyle is due for a grooming as he does look a wee bit shaggy in his photos. The thing is, Doyle has suffered through countless groomings in order to rid him of the massive amounts of burrs, matts, fleas and ticks that were attached to him when he arrived at the shelter from the city pound. We don't know how Doyle turned up there, but something bad happened to him along the way. He was a hot mess, yet still he showed no signs of being grumpy or bitter. Doyle let us scratch him and kiss him and assure him that things were definitely looking up. He showed us that he is a very smart boy and showered us with love in return. He is the cutest of guys and we have very much enjoyed getting to know him. We have discovered, however, that the very bad experience prior to the pound must have included bullying by another dog or dogs. He does not like them. He is nervous around them and seeks protection with people as soon as one comes too close for comfort. We can only imagine what he went through to get him to such a place as to be afraid of creatures that he should love and trust. We have promised Doyle that we will keep him safe from harm, and that we will find him a home where he can be the one and only top dog.
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