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12 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

If you've been thinking lately that wild fits of laughter would be a great thing to add to your To Do list, look no further. Dublin is the class clown, the life of the party, the goofiest, silliest kid around. She is one of the last 4 dogs taken from a backyard breeder in Missouri. Years ago, Hearts United rescued dozens of Dachshunds from this heartless breeder, but she kept a few for herself, promising to let them live indoors. As luck has it, she found herself unable to care for the four remaining dogs any longer and HUA took them in. Dublin never missed a beat. Fun is a her full-time job. She is strong-willed, single-minded and totally free-spirited. (Insert here: Dear People Owned by Dachshunds - sound familiar??) Everything with Dubs is RIGHT NOW. She has to get to a human RIGHT NOW. She must go outside to potty RIGHT NOW. She must zoom to her favorite pink fuzzy RIGHT NOW. She has to romp with friends RIGHT NOW. Unfortunately, Dublin must also eat RIGHT NOW and this has caused a tad bit of plumpness. It really does make her all cuddly and cozy but we've told her she needs to make more of an effort to contain herself in the food department. She is deciding whether or not she wishes to comply. Dublin has requested a home with lots of cats and kids. WE say NO WAY to that. She is being sweet yet sneaky. Dublin is not nice to cats or kids and we know it. It's easy to get sucked into believing those sweet brown eyes, but we resist. No cats or kids for Dublin. Everyone else, feel free to bring hilarity into your home.
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