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Westie Mix
18 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Omaha, Nebraska.

Truth be told, we have absolutely no idea what Ellie's actual breed is. This one's a complete guess and we're open to suggestions. What we ARE certain of is that this dog not only has the most adorable little fuzzy face on the planet, but she is as sweet as the day is long. She was found hitchhiking out on the highway by some wonderful people who bent over backwards trying to save her. We know Ellie was someone's dog as she is completely devoted to people and is very wise to the ways of the world. She is smart as a whip and wants nothing more than to be attached to her humans. She is loving and cuddly. Our hearts are heavy for her knowing that she was probably abandoned by her family and we are very careful to make sure she knows she is safe. As she follows us closely from place to place, we assure her that she is adored. Ellie is just about perfect in our eyes. She will cherish her forever home with all of her heart.
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