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Yorkshire Terrier
4 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Rhode Island.

Sweet little Emily (nicknamed Millie or Pudding by her foster mom) came from a horrible puppy mill in Nebraska. At the young age of 4 she came to us with a jaw broken and dangling from an old injury. It was determined by specialists that trying to repair it would be unsuccessful and very painful. She is not in pain and she can eat, so she will remain this way. It doesn't hold her back one bit. She is a happy, spunky, loving little girl. She races up and down the stairs in her foster home investigating everything she can. She can easily get under couches and beds on her investigative missions but comes instantly when she is called. Her foster mom says she has such bright, intelligent eyes and really seems to understand what she is saying. She often looks up at Jean asking to be picked up, liking to see things from up high, hanging onto Jean's arm with her front two paws as she is escorted around her big new world...all the while giving Jean kisses of gratitude. She loves to cuddle on Jean's lap while at the computer, and has learned to climb the dog stairs to the bed to take her favorite spot on the pillow. She does not have accidents at night and is the first one up and indicating that it is potty time in the morning. When Jean leaves for errands she puts Emily in a playpen with a blind poodle and blind chihuahua girl, and upon returning she finds them curled up with their buns touching looking like spokes on a wheel. Emily licks up liquid food and is graduating to some soft solid food. She does ok by herself but when she gets tired of eating she needs some help to finish to make sure she gets the full amount she needs. She lost most of her teeth due to infection and decay at her first vet visit, so with no lower jaw and few teeth eating is more challenging for her. She is tenacious and likes to eat, so it is not a huge problem. Her philosophy is when there is a will there is a way! She was only 2.5 pounds, practically starved to death when she came in, but is up to almost 4 pounds now and is looking great. We think they were probably feeding her hard kibble at the puppy mill, and that she couldn't eat it with her bad jaw and bad teeth. Emily is having the time of her life learning about love and friendship at her foster home, but we are all excited for her to have her very own permanent home soon. If you are interested in adding this shining little star to your home and have any further questions please write to Emily is a wonderfully happy little girl who brings smiles to everyone she meets. She is a true survivor.
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