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Rat Terrier
9 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Chuckey, Tennessee.

Because we get so many inquiries from people asking about female rat terriers, we don't expect that we'll be able to spend a whole lot more time with our cherished Etta. She is certain to be whisked away by some lovely family who has been waiting forever for that perfect little dog to come along and steal their hearts. So, we are making the most of our time left with her, and the volunteers and staff can often be seen competing for her attention. She is just that special. Etta came from the local pound and we were called to come get her. After prying her from the reluctant arms of her caregivers there, we were thrilled to bring this spunky, spirited girl to the shelter. Etta is awesome. Life is all fun and games to her. She loves everybody. She loves to play. She has the most fabulous outlook and bubbly personality and we just cannot get enough of her sparkly self. Etta knows that she is popular but she has not let that go to her head. However, because there will be a line out the door for her, she had advised us that she will choose the person who is the best at providing belly scratches. It is a pre-requisite, in her opinion, to possess this talent. So potential adopters beware - Etta is certain to be interviewing many humans, and now you know what you must do in order to meet her qualifications.
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