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be my buddy
Spaniel Mix
Born: 11/01/2009
14 lbs

Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Fern is our special angel. Our tiny hero. Our stellar greeter and our precious prize. Mention her name to anyone here at the shelter, and you'll be met with giant smiles and funny stories. Many people ask us how we name the dogs here at HUA. Well, we have tons of baby name books, we search the internet for breed histories, we rack our brains for monikers that will bode well on these deserving creatures. When Fern came in from the local pound, she was HUGELY pregnant. We knew she was due to give birth any day and that the litter would be a big one. One of HUA's most valued worker's mother had nine children. Her name was....Fern, and we knew that was the perfect name for this lovely little Spaniel who was about to become a very busy girl. Our Fern did not have nine children, but she did have SEVEN little busy bodies in all shapes and sizes and colors. They were a wild bunch and we loved them completely. Fern was smart enough to enlist the help of Willow and Oriole as nannies because her puppies required a lot of hard work. They've all since been adopted, and Fern continues to live in and around the office, greeting everyone who walks in the door with enthusiastic wags and sweet grins. She is sheer delight and we are thrilled to let you all know that she is up for adoption and ready to complete your family.
Buddy Messages (1)
Her Buddy, Lisa Weber, from Council Bluffs, Iowa, sent her this message: "Hi Fern, I recently lost my Sadie (Adela) who I adopted from HUA 02/05. Like you, Sadie was a puppy mill mama that had many puppies during her stint at the mills. I know you will be finding your forever home shortly! Sending hugs and kisses your way! Lisa" Fern sends Lisa many happy, grateful hugs and kisses.

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Hearts United for Animals is a national no-kill shelter, sanctuary and animal welfare organization. Hearts United for Animals does long distance adoptions if there are safe flights and we have volunteers in the area to do a home visit. We require an application, references and a home visit to adopt one of our dogs. Our dogs are all spayed or neutered and are current on health care. We can cat test a dog if requested. If you are interested in adopting a dog, we can give you more information on each dog if you click the Adoption Info & Application link above. Buddies are people who support the dog and send them love while they are waiting for their new home. The dog does not live with the buddy.