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6 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Bellevue, Nebraska

Ghita was rescued from a terrible hoarding situation in Minnesota by one of the HUA directors. The dogs from that place lived in horrible conditions and received no veterinary care. Ghita lost the majority of her teeth during her first dental visit, but was otherwise happy and healthy. She is, of course, a real cutie. But with that adorable face comes a lot of smarts. Ghita waits politely for her breakfast in the morning even though she has a very strong desire for the canned chicked atop of nutritious kibble coming her way. She knows bullying doesn't work with us when it comes to meal times and that everyone will get their share. She is sweet and nice with all of the people and all of the other little dogs. We have never heard a crabby thing out of the little sweetie. She is happy and grateful for everything that comes her way. As with any Yorkie, we know Ghita has some tricks up her sleeve that she has not yet shared with us. We cannot wait to see what they are, as they are bound to fill us with pride and joy and are surely to elicit enthusiastic rounds of applause.
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