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12 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Fort Collins, CO.

For close to five years, Hansel and Gretel lived in puppy mills. They were bounced around and sold between millers because of their stellar production. What they went through before they finally made it to HUA is something we cannot even fathom. Gretel has had her spirit broken by her horrific experiences. She is terrified of people. She is sad and scared and can barely bring herself to allow kind touches. She is certain she will be beaten and screamed at, or starved and forgotten. She cannot shake that "deer in headlights" look, even when we are just gently speaking to her. We are going slowly with socialization with this poor, precious animal so that she can put the trauma of her past behind her at her own pace. We have seen thousands of dogs come through our doors that acted just like Gretel, and the vast majority of them came around to understanding that not all people are bad and they learned to trust and love us. We have faith that Gretel will get there, too, and we want her to experience the safety and comfort of a home sooner rather than later. It will take some time for Gretel to completely trust humans but we know she can do it. She will need patience and a gentle hand, but the day will come when she will run through the yard with the breeze in her hair and a tiny smile on her face, and her family will be there to witness the incredible wonder of healing through the power of love.
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