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Hanlon Featured

Brittany Spaniel
40 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Gretna, Nebraska.

Hanlon came to HUA with two other lovely dogs, surrendered by their owner who advised one of our directors that if we did not take them in, he would either shoot them or dump them. It was 100 degrees that day. Obviously we were horrified. We ushered Hanlon and his pals right on in the door and ushered that awful man right out the door. Hanlon is a wonder to us. He adores every single creature, large or small, on the planet. When volunteers get out the tiny, puppy mill dogs for socialization, Hanlon insists on being in the mix. Never before have we allowed a big dog to have recess with 20 or 30 scared little ones running around, but for Hanlon we have made an exception. He LOVES those little guys! He steps very carefully around them, ever so gentle, with a patient smile on his face and gold in his heart. He is an amazing creature and we are in deep admiration of him.
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