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Yorkshire Terrier
6 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Bellevue, Nebraska.

Hayley was born in a puppy mill in Missouri. She was nothing but a money-making, breeding machine for the first five years of her life. We are certain that Hayley was bred far too often, as her puppies were likely to be as precious and darling as she is. Despite Hayley's troubled start in life, she holds no grudges against humans and actually thinks we're pretty doggone good creatures. It is with great pleasure that we have watched her scarf down a bowl of delicious and NUTRITIOUS food, sniff out one of the best squeaky toys, bounce about in the yard, spin happily and crazily in a warm, cozy bed until her hair stands straight up on end. Hayley is a happy little bugger who has so much to learn. Her life as a pampered pet is just beginning. She has no idea of all the sweet things that are going to come her way. All she knows is that she has been rescued from a life filled with pain and sadness, and she is taking each and every moment of happiness for granted, as well she should.
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