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9 lbs
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Homeward Bound - Adopted!

Now living happily in Hudson, Wisconsin

This precious little guy came from a horrible breeding facility in southern Nebraska. Dogs from that place come to us filthy and shell-shocked. They have no idea what a loving touch feels like or what good food tastes like. It is disgusting what hell Hilmar has been through and we were not entirely certain that he was ever going to fully recover from that awful phase of his life. In order to fully socialize him, we were diligent in making sure he was with humans all day long and Hilmar has absolutely thrived on the attention. He is now a friendly little chap who is learning to prance and play and loves human contact. We discovered that fun noises will cause Hilmar to tilt his head so far to and fro that it looks like he is about to find himself upside down. His photo session included lots of whistling just so we could capture that adorable expression. Hilmar deserves nothing but the best of homes. He has been through enough pain and loneliness. We have seen him go from a fragile, broken spirit to a happy, trusting, silly little Pom and we are so very proud of him.
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