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Westie Mix
15 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living in New York.

Husker was purchased from a pet store by a college student who was so blinded by instant love that it clouded her ability to think things through. She was unable to keep her precious puppy because her landlord would not allow dogs in the apartment. Rather than giving him to just anyone, Husker's person knew that HUA would take wonderful care of him and that we would work endlessly to find him the perfect home. This will not be difficult as Husker is as happy and easy going as a puppy can be. He is no trouble at all. He plays the day away, goofs around with his dog pals, covers our faces in kisses, bounces about in the toy bins like nothing has ever been so grand. He is a silly, funny little guy with not a care in the world. Husker is not yet full grown, and we estimate his adult weight to be around 15 pounds. He has no health issues whatsoever and is really just hanging around the place until his family comes to get him, which we know will be very soon because he is an awesome boy.
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