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Joe Boxer

50 lbs
Joe Boxer
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Malvern, Iowa.

Joe is a Boxer puppy. For many people, no more description is needed. For others, here it is - he is a goofy, silly, clumsy, hilarious, playful, active, adorable, sweet, affectionate, silly little prankster. He was brought to us by his family who found out that a puppy did not fit into their lifestyle. Puppies are work, it turned out. But Joe Boxer is so worth it. He has never met a stranger. He bounces with glee at the introduction of every new person, treat, dog or toy. His photo session was a tad difficult for the photographer, seeing as how he thought his leash was a tug toy and the camera was a curious item needing to be gnawed upon. Those in attendance were collapsed in laughter and Joe Boxer saw that as encouragement. Since then, he has actually become quite adept on the leash as he knows it means a big outdoor adventure is coming his way. Joe melts hearts with his sweet Boxer eyes and those of us here adore him to the ends of the earth.
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