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Boston Terrier Mix
14 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Omaha, Nebraska.

We get to see Jude every single day, but still his photos made us laugh out loud. This little man is such a character and his antics are both original and hilarious. Jude was loved by his family, but life got busy and Jude was left alone for long stretches of time. He was very attached to his people and hated being by himself and became sad and lonely. His family decided it would be best for him to find a home where he would have lots of company and maybe even another dog to hang out with. Jude has been very busy and funny at the shelter. He is a smart, nice boy with a keen sense of humor and an uncanny ability to figure out quickly which dogs do not want to make new friends. He pegged the crazy ones for crazy without us giving him any hints and he smartly chose to go in search of the residents that would think he was cool. He has made many friends and is thrilled with the huge amount of toys and humans and dogs and treats available to him. However, he has asked several times now when his new, forever people are coming to get him and would like that to happen ASAP.
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