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7 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Kenya and her sister, Safari, were found wandering the streets during a horrible Nebraskan ice storm. It took two days and nights for their rescuer to finally catch them before he could call HUA. The girls were terrified. So terrified that we handled them wrapped gently in towels as caution against possible fear biting. Once we got them to HUA, we had to laugh at our foolishness as neither one of these babies would ever hurt a fly, even in a state of terror. They bounced from our arms, ran around for a moment and bounced back to cover us in crazy kisses. Kenya, in particular, enjoys aiming for our nostrils. We do try to redirect her. So far, it hasn't worked out so well. If we try to sneak up to peck her on the cheek...NOPE. She whips around and hits our noses before we can stop her. She gets us laughing and she knows it. Kenya and Safari are close to each other but do not have to be adopted together. Kenya tends to let her sister take the lead on new adventures, so she would probably do best with another dog in her home. We will miss these happy kids once they're gone. Lunchtime in the sunroom won't be the same without their antics. But we wish with all of our hearts for forever homes for them and know they will bring their families years of joy!
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