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Shih Tzu Mix
17 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Kirbie is a dog for anyone and everyone. She is happy, playful, friendly to every living being, nice, sweet, thoughtful, adorable and intelligent. She was brought to the pound in a tiny town in Nebraska and we knew that we could could give her the best chance of finding a new home. She is quite good with house manners. She is young. She does not shed. She is a joy to be around. Kirbie likes it here (we think she would like it most anywhere as long as there were people who loved her as we do), and never complains. But we have a vision for this darling creature, and it includes a nice backyard to zoom around in, fabulous people to dote upon her and some rockin' toys to toss around. Kirbie will hang loose until her time comes to go home. Her eyes tell us she is ready. But she has made her mind up to have fun while she is here and we admire her so for her bright and sunny spirit.
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