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50 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Waterloo, Iowa.

You can see Linka on the cover of our Summer 2009 newsletter. This is her story: Linka spent the first three years of her life in a Nebraska puppy mill. She lived in a small pen with other Vizslas, and she learned at an early age what it meant to be disappointed. She knew she would never get to run and play in the grass. Her bed would always be cold and hard. She suffered through the extremes of Nebraska weather in a cruel prison. Linka could have given birth to as many as five litters of puppies before she was rescued. Many times she was afraid and in pain, but she knew it would do no good to cry out because no one was listening and no one cared. Most of all, Linka learned to hate people. When she came to the HUA shelter, she spent weeks resting on a large plush dog bed, not moving an inch or making a sound, watching our every move in silent hostility. When we approached her with kind words, treats, everything we could think of to communicate that we cared about her, we heard a low growl. Most puppy mill breeder dogs are small and fragile, physically devastated by years of neglect and constant breeding, and so terrified of people that they cower and tremble. Linka was young and strong. Gaining her trust was only a matter of showing her that life could be fun. Very soon she could be seen running and playing in her yard. All her traits as a Vizsla emerged, and Linka came into her own-a sensitive, intelligent, agile, people-loving dog. She greets us with a big smile and all the loving postures she can think of. This gorgeous dog charms us every day at the shelter. Although we are elated when there is a breakthrough with a dog like Linka, and we cherish the time spent with her, it all serves to deepen our sadness and anger to think what her life was like before she came to us. So many dogs' lives are sacrificed to the commercial breeding business. Dog breeding should be left to the professional breeders who would not deprive their dogs of a happy, healthful life. In a recent presentation on the National Geographic Channel, Cesar Milan spoke after he visited several puppy mills. He said that he felt frustration, confusion, and anger. Commercial breeding does not honor a dog's normal way of life. Dogs are companion animals who should live with people. Puppies should be born in a home. That really does say it all. Linka is a female Vizsla. She was born 2/13/06 and weighs 50 pounds.
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