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German Shepherd
57 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Norfolk, Nebraska.

Loelle was found by rescuers on a transport of puppy mill dogs. A convenience store owner said that Loelle had been hanging around the market for days with no sign of an owner and that there had been many foreclosures and evictions in the town, so they thought that is perhaps how Loelle lost her home and people. The rescuers who were bringing dogs to HUA decided that this gorgeous girl should have a ride to safety and comfort too. Loelle is a happy, gorgeous, well mannered young lady. She greets people eagerly but politely, doesn't jump up on them and always has a big ear to ear smile. She is calm, yet enthusiastic. Loelle is one of the most gorgeous Shepherds we have ever seen. She is exceptionally smart and loyal. She likes to play with the other dogs and is a good friend to them as well as the humans. We are so happy she was rescued and that we have the chance to love and care for her while she awaits a wonderful home.
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