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6 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Do please feast your eyes upon this most lovely of all creatures. And while you are taking it all in, we'll go ahead and let you know that she is just as gorgeous on the inside. She is so incredibly happy all of the time. She never has a bad thought. She adores all people, big and small, and is just the nicest friend to the other dogs. London was the one of the last 4 dogs taken from a backyard breeder in Missouri. Years ago, Hearts United rescued dozens of Dachshunds from this heartless breeder, but she kept a few for herself, promising to let them live indoors. As luck has it, she found herself unable to care for the four remaining dogs any longer and HUA took them in. London is truly a gem. She does well on a leash, is house broken, and is the sweetest, most joyous little girl. Everything makes her happy. We just can't say enough fabulous things about her. She's not even stubborn, like (ahem) her breed is known to be. She is delightful, gorgeous, tiny, polite, loving, bouncy, kissy, huggy and fun.
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