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Luby Lou

Chihuahua Dachshund Mix
8 lbs
Luby Lou
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Firth, Nebraska.

Luby Lou was transported by caring people who rescued her from the city shelter in Garden City, Kansas. She was taken to that shelter by a good samaritan who found her on Thanksgiving day in a field. She was weak and disoriented from starvation. She is described as the "most precious, loving, quiet, sweet dog" by her caregivers. She is 100% sweet little lady. Luby loves her stuffed animals and doesn't even demand that they squeak like some others who shall remain nameless. She is happy with all that we give her. She loves nothing more than a gentle belly rub and will ask for one with her sweet eyes and of course, by flopping on her back if we don't pick up on the cute eyes hint. She rewards us with kisses and by keeping her bed and toys pristinely clean. Luby Lou will absolutely be the perfect addition to anyone who would enjoy being owned by the perfect dog. Luby has a mild vision impairment but she manages just fine. It would be good to keep stairs gated for her though so that she does not fall. She is a very smart girl who learns quickly and is eager to please.
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