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4.5 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Arlington, VA.

Lucky has been anything but lucky in his life. He lived with a family who was not able to provide much at all for him. They were homeless and living in a camper. Restoring him to health has been a challenge. He was underweight from eating nothing but small amounts of cat food for a year. He was also covered in ticks and his scrotum was burned either from urine or ice. He had a bad infection in his ears that was resistant to 17 different types of antibiotics and has a mild heart condition. After weeks of nutritious food and antibiotics, once the ear infection finally cleared, he had his teeth cleaned. That seemed to trigger a bout of pneumonia, likely from all of the crud that had been on his teeth, and Lucky spent a week in intensive care. But nothing ever stops this darling sprite. He arrived back at the shelter his same old happy self, dancing, jumping up and down to have what he wants. He loves to run the main entrance hall, hop up on people’s laps, be in on everything, get rocked on his back in true baby fashion. It may have been mentioned once or twice that Lucky would not win any awards for The Best Looking Dog on Campus, but he thinks he’s beautiful, and so do we. As a matter of fact, we do think he could win awards for The Most Precious Dog on Campus.
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