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Rat Terrier
9 lbs
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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Our Lucy watched with concern as her person became more ill with each
passing day. Lucy tried to comfort her, sitting with her on the arm of their favorite chair, hoping things would get better. Lucy and her mom loved each other dearly, but the time finally came when Lucy's mom could no longer stay in her home. Tearfully, she called HUA asking if we could help find a home for Lucy where she would be loved just as much as her mom loved her, and we promised to do our very best.

Lucy gets along well with other dogs, and adores people. She walks very nicely on her leash, but would really love a yard where she could explore to her heart's content. Her people manners are excellent and after the initial excitement of meeting new friends, she is very gentle. She has been housetrained, and with a quick refresher course, she should easily remember those skills. She would love to be in a home of her own again and promises to be a very good girl, which we already know she is!
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